CCDE Practical Exam

Exam code : CCDE Practical Exam
version : 3.0
Vendor : Cisco

Exam description:
The CCDE v3.0 Practical Exam is an 8-hour scenario-based exam, that is built to be modular and provides you the flexibility to focus on your area of expertise, in addition to validating core Enterprise architecture technologies. For more information, please refer to CCDE v3.0 Written and Practical Exam Format.

Area : Design   Enterprise   Network   Security  
Status : Active
Exam start on : 02-11-2021 end on :
Duration (minutes): 480
Questions : min None - max None

Score :
Cost :

Language :
Format : Closed Book
Delivery : Testing center - Proctored

Note : None

Exam topics:

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Updateted information on : 04-09-2021
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